Principles of Bpf food for dogs and cats



1. Meat Based - Over  75% meat

Dogs and cats are carnivores. They have canine teeth for shredding and tearing meat. Their digestive tract is short, designed to process meat. A meat based diet is what nature intended for your pets. Animal Protein, meat, naturally contains all essential amino acids in the correct ratio for muscle growth and development. Bpf rolls are made from high quality, export certified meat that is only lightly cooked to ensure the integrity of the nutrients. The percentage of meat in the rolls ranges from 75% to 94%, depending on the product selected.

Bpf does not produce dry pet food. Dry pet food is mostly grain. Plant protein (grain) contains amino acids that are not efficiently utilized and the elimination of these amino acids causes an unnecessary strain on your pets liver and kidneys. The meat in dry pet food has been cooked at extremely high temperatures which damages and destroys the natural nutrients. Dry pet food has a very low moisture level usually 15% or less. Dehydration puts stress on your pets kidneys, liver, urinary tract (in cats) and can lead to allergies and disease.

2. Moisture Rich

A moisture rich diet helps to prevent disease, heal health conditions and supports a healthy body. Water is your pets most essential nutrient, it's required for almost every biochemical reaction in their bodies. In natural life dogs and cats eat a moisture rich diet, fresh meat, which has a moisture level just over 70%, the same as Bpf rolls. In addition to a moisture rich food, always have clean, fresh water available. The quality of your pets stool is a sign of health and hydration. A healthy stool is a good size, soft and comfortably passed.

3. Complete and Balanced +

All Bpf rolls are complete and balanced providing the nutrient levels established by AAFCO. Wherever possible, added vitamins and minerals are in a natural form, including calcium and phosphorus
from bone, Omega-3 from fish and Chondroitin from cartilage. Bpf rolls are enriched with a range of
health supplements and depending on the product selected include, Kelp, Glucosamine, Beta-Carotene, Turmeric, Garlic, Yucca, Parsley.

4. Allergen Free

Bpf rolls contain: No Sugar, No Wheat, No Gluten, No Yeast, No Artificial Flavours, No Ethoxyquin, No Propylene Glycol and are Low Salt.  Selected rolls contain No Red Meat.

5. 100% Guarantee

Bpf does not conduct or commission any testing on animals. All Bpf rolls are made in New Zealand from New Zealand export quality meat and are backed by our 100% Guarantee.